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Language Matters is the official Newsletter of CLC, which features articles on

  • A place for learners of Chinese to share their experience;

  • A platform for teachers of CLC and similar institutions to share their views;

  • A platform to share notes on language and culture;

  • A bulletin board for CLC activities and related news in our field.

The official newsletter of 

Yale-China Chinese Language Centre

Language Matters


        Prof. HOYAN Hang Fung, Carole


Editor in Charge

        Mr. LI Chunpu



        Mr. CHANG Kwun Hung

        Dr. LEE Siu-lun

        Ms. LIU Zhenxia

        Dr. WONG Ho Put

        Mr. WU Bill Lin


        Ms. SHEK Long Sum

        Ms. WONG Mei Yin

        Ms. YUEN Ching Man

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