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Cantonese for Non-local Chinese-speaking CUHK Students

The University Programme Section at CLC offers the following Cantonese courses to non-local Chinese-speaking students:

  1. Credit-bearing courses

    • Regular terms (fall and spring terms)

    • Summer session (May-June)

  2. Non-credit-bearing courses

  3. Hong Kong PRINCH (“Pragmatic Internship in Hong Kong”)

Non-local Putonghua-speaking undergraduate students at CUHK can sign up for one of our Cantonese courses according to their own language level. Students can self-enrol in the courses on CUSIS during the enrolment period. 

International exchange students:

International exchange students (who are studying for one semester or one year at CUHK) are recruited from the Office of Academic Links (OAL). Students with Chinese backgrounds can take a Cantonese course especially designed for them (must have prior approval from both CLC and OAL). As long as students can register on CUSIS, they can receive credits for the courses they take. If approved, credits earned at CUHK can be transferred back to students’ home universities. CLC welcomes all students to register at the University Programme Section General Office at G05, Fong Shu Chuen Building.

University Cantonese Programme Structure for Non-local Chinese-speaking CUHK Students

Course List


Elementary Cantonese for Chinese Speakers

This is a foundation course on Cantonese which introduces the “Yale Romanization Scheme” of Cantonese. Course contents include basic daily conversations, vowels and tone exercises, and pronunciation practice. The course will enable learners to understand the “Yale Romanization Scheme” and engage in real-life conversations by using simple Cantonese.


Intermediate Cantonese for Chinese Speakers

An intermediate course for students who have completed CLCC1703, CCAN1703 or CCAN2013.


Course contents focus on social topics. Trainings in different contexts can increase students' vocabulary. It also improves their pronunciation and exchange of ideas in different social activities. Furthermore, it will help them complete a number of tasks in school or working environment.


Advanced Cantonese for Chinese Speakers

An advanced course for students who have completed CLCC2703, CCAN2703 or CCAN3013.

This course equips students with various advanced communicative skills in various academic and professional settings, such as seminars, meetings, group discussions, debates, presentations, performances, impromptu speaking, etc. Students are trained to speak in connected discourse in academic and professional settings with different levels of formality.

University Programme Section General Office
G05, Fong Shu Chuen Building, CUHK

Telephone: 3943-8224


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