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The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK/ Chinese Proficiency Test/ 漢語水平考試/ 汉语水平考试) is the most widely-used Chinese language proficiency test for non-native speakers learning Putonghua (those studying Cantonese can consider the COPA exam offered by CLC). The Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) authorises CLC to be one of the test centres in Hong Kong. The 2022 test dates are 9 April, 21 August and 4 December. The venues of the tests are located at CUHK at the lower campus near University Station. HSK-related courses are offered from time to time by CLC.


Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is an international standardised test of Chinese language proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers (including foreigners, Chinese diaspora, Chinese and Chinese ethnic minorities). Being one of the test centres in Hong Kong, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre was recently rated as the “Excellent Chinese Test Centre in 2021”. It is the only centre in Hong Kong which was included among the excellent Test Centres in Asia. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the examinees for their support. Check out the details

2024 test schedule

Test dates, registration deadlines, grade report release dates

Exam time & price

HSK level 1 to 6

(18 August 2024)

Online test registration

Chinese Testing Service Website with mock test papers


New Arrangements (HSK+HSKK)

As announced by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, starting January 2023, all exam takers of HSK levels 3 to 6 are required to take the corresponding HSKK exams on the same exam date.


The specific arrangements are as follows:

Examinees for HSK level 3 must also take the HSKK Primary Level oral test;

Examinees for HSK level 4 must also take the HSKK Intermediate Level oral test;

Examinees for HSK level 5 and level 6 must also take the HSKK Advanced Level oral test.

Results for both the written and oral exams will be reported together.

Check out the details


1. Q:When will the HSK exam be held and how can I apply?
A:CLC holds HSK exams three times a year (April, August and December). You can search for other test centres/times on the Hanban website. Currently, CLC only accepts online registration. Register online and a payment memo will be sent by email.

2. Q:How much does it cost to take the HSK and how can I pay?

A: Payment can made by bank transfer, cheque or credit card. You can download the credit card payment form here. The exam fee is standardised among all test centres in HK, but may be different from country to country.

  • HSK Level 1 : HK$200

  • HSK Level 2 : HK$300

  • HSK Level 3 : HK$400

  • HSK Level 4 : HK$500

  • HSK Level 5 : HK$700

  • HSK Level 6 : HK$800

  • HSKK Speaking (Primary): HK$300

  • HSKK Speaking (Intermediate): HK$400

  • HSKK Speaking (Advanced): HK$500

3. Q:What is tested in the HSK?
A:Sample test papers are available online. The following table gives you a brief idea.











4. Q:Can I register to take more than one level at a time?
A: Normally, HSK levels 2/4/6 are held in the morning (from 9am), HSK levels 1/3/5 are held in the afternoon (from 1:30pm). Student can register for a maximum of two consecutive levels from HSK levels 1 to 6. However, students can only register for one level in speaking since all speaking exams are held at the same time.

5. Q:Do you offer the exam in traditional Chinese characters? Can I answer in traditional Chinese in the writing part?
A:Hanban only offers the exam in simplified Chinese characters . Regardless of the exam version, student can answer in traditional or simplified Chinese in the writing part.

6. Q:I am a mainlander/HK local. Can I register for the HSK exam?
A:The HSK is targeted at students learning Chinese (Putonghua) as a foreign/ second language regardless of nationality. For native speakers of Chinese (born and raised in Greater China), schools and employers may have a higher expectation for your Chinese level. In that case, instead of the HSK, the Putongtua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) is more appropriate. Interested students can register for the PSC test at the Centre for Research and Development of Putonghua Education (Tel: 3943 6749) 

7. Q:When will the results be available and how can I collect the score report?
A:The results will be available online one month after the exam date. Students can log in to their personal account at Official score reports will be sent to our Centre by Hanban two months after the exam date. Collection can be made in-person or by proxy at CLC's general office. An announcement will be sent by email. For the registered mail postal service of the score report, a service fee at HK$30 for local mail and HK$50 for overseas mail will be charged. Payment is to be settled together with the examination fee. For examinees taking this option, please fill in the mailing label in the payment form before the payment deadline.

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