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Yale-China Chinese Language Centre​​


60 Years in
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Founded in 1963 under the joint auspices of New Asia College and the Yale-China Association, the New Asia--Yale-in-China Chinese Language Center (CLC) became part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 1974 and has been teaching Chinese to local and international students ever since. In 2009, CLC became part of the Faculty of Arts under the new name “Yale-China Chinese Language Centre”.

CLC provides language training in Cantonese and Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) to second/ foreign language learners and Chinese speakers alike. Local and non-local CUHK undergraduates/ postgraduates and exchange students are served by the University Programme Section, while other learners are served by the Continuing Education Section of the Centre. The main goals of CLC’s language courses are to enhance the Chinese language proficiency of students for communication in daily life and for professional purposes. Courses are divided into four categories, namely 1) Cantonese for Mandarin speakers; 2) Cantonese as a foreign/ second language; 3) Putonghua for Cantonese speakers; and 4) Putonghua as a foreign/ second language.

The Centre operates on a three-term system. Students may register for admission in any term.

CUHK undergraduate courses: all courses follow CUHK regulations and are accredited by the University. 

Continuing education courses: programmes with reference to CUHK undergraduate courses have been framed into the sub-degree award system of CUHK, namely Foundation Certificate, Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma award programmes. These programmes are intended for the general public to study at the CUHK Shatin campus.

Unique Features for the Continuing Education Programmes

  • The only university teaching unit in Hong Kong offering award-bearing Chinese language programmes to both Chinese speakers (Putonghua for Cantonese speakers and Cantonese for Mandarin speakers) and non-native speakers alike.

  • Programmes are registered in accordance to the HKSAR Qualifications Framework (QF level 2 to 4) and some are eligible for the Continuing Education Fund.

  • Well-qualified and trained instructors from CUHK.

  • Oral proficiency oriented programmes that enable students to start from any level.

  • Wide spectrum of student support, language and cultural activities.

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