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Who can apply

Who can apply for a part-time programme?

1. Applicants should be, upon enrolment, 16 years old or above.

     Written consent from parents or guardians is required for applicants below 18. Accommodation is only provided to applicants whose age       is 18 or above;

2. Those who wish to apply for award-bearing programme should at least

                (1) completed Hong Kong secondary five education or equivalent on or prior to 2011 or
                (2) completed Hong Kong secondary six education (university admission level) or equivalent on or after 2012.

3. At the beginning stage of the course, some English will be used. It is desirable for applicants to possess functional ability in English to ease learning and living in Hong Kong. However, it is NOT an entry pre-requisite.

4. Tourist status (including visa free in-bound travelling) is not allowed by the law to study educational programmes in Hong Kong. All students should possess legitimate immigration status before attending lessons.

5. Non-beginners who are applying for non-beginner courses have to complete an online placement test together with the application.

6. "Relaxation of employment restriction for non-local students” and “Immigration arrangement for non-local graduates” in the HK immigration policy are not applicable to language study students/ graduates. “Quality Migrant Admission Scheme” has quota and applicant’s language ability is only one of the many criteria in the successful application of the scheme. Visa applicants are advised to adjust their expectation based on the latest IMMD policy.

Part time Programmes

How to apply

How to apply for a part-time programme?

Application is done ONLINE.

To complete the application procedure smoothly, please take the following steps:

 1.  Access to the right application platform. 

2. Study the notes for application.


3. For non-beginning courses, please study the placement guidelines.

4. Provide a softcopy of your HKID and/ or passport with HK visa to prove that your immigration status allows you to study in HK.


5. Those who would like to receive an award certificate issued by CUHK (upon fulfillment of study hours and assessment requirement),                  should submit a copy of your education document certifying that you have at least completed Hong Kong secondary five education or                  equivalent on or prior to 2011 or, have completed Hong Kong secondary six education (university admission level) or equivalent on                    or after 2012.

6. Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, cheque or cash. For credit card payments, please download the credit card payment authorization form and submit it together with your online application. For bank transfers, please provide the payment receipt along with your online application. 


7. CLC staff will contact you after receiving your application.

8. (Cantonese programme for native Chinese speakers only) Sign a declaration as required by the Continuing Education Fund. 

Other notes: 

  • NO REFUND will be granted after the application deadline. No change of courses is allowed after the course starts.

  • Some programmes are listed within the list of reimbursable courses under the HKSAR Continuing Education Fund. For more information, please check the respective programme pages.

  • A class (whether new or continuing) may be subject to location, schedule, and/ or instructor changes depending on enrolment and operational reality.

Part time Programmes

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